How to escape level 35 on 40x escape?

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Garen H. answered:

Everybody has seen the classic level 35 on 40x escape in a video game. This time I will discuss what is actually happening at level 35 on 40x.What makes level 35 on 40x so difficult? It starts with the amount of items that you have to collect in order to get out of this level. The most common ones are:  gems, gold, experience points (XP), and souls (experience gained from battles). These items only appear in certain areas and can only be obtained by killing specific enemies.Even if you are lucky enough to clear this level, you may not always have enough items or XP to get out of it. So what are the possible solutions? First off I would like to point out that there is actually an even more complicated way to escape this

Joany A. answered:

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Noell B. answered:

If you are stuck on level 35 for too long, this article is for you. With high level of skill and knowledge, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have. You simply need to improve your skills and knowledge to become more efficient at the game and eventually master the game.This article will walk through some of the techniques that can help you get past level 35 within a short period of time. Some will be very simple methods like increasing your inventory size, but others may take a bit longer to master (but don’t worry if they don’t work for you right away). I’m sure by the end of this article you’ll understand why these methods work!