How to respond to a craigslist job post?

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Akeia F. answered:

Sometimes, a job posting gets lost in the shuffle. The reader is not sure what to do with it. It could be a great opportunity or it could be a waste of time. You want to make sure that your post is noticed by the reader and that they respond to it.

Lafayette K. answered:

A craigslist job post is a great opportunity to show the company that you are worth hiring. You should have a limited time to do so, as companies will not be willing to hire you on your first try.We should have enough knowledge about the field of technology and how it works before posting a position. That would help us to write in an unbiased manner and avoid bias.

Johnathen T. answered:

No matter how much you do a good job on the copywriting of your ad, there’s always a chance that someone will post it in Craigslist. You can’t control who views your ad or who ends up hiring you, but you can try to respond to them. ┬áThe best way to respond is with an email. Not only does it show that you read the ad (which is important) but it also shows that you take the job seriously and are not just using it as a formality (which is even more important).Also, if someone finds out about your ad on Facebook or LinkedIn; make sure they see all of your efforts by reaching out to those networks and make them aware of what’s going on. I can guarantee an effective response from LinkedIn with my resume!