How to search for high resolution images on google?

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Blossom X. answered:

Google offers high resolution images for specific searches and the best part is that Google automatically generates a list of high resolution images to search in case you don’t know what to search.High resolution images are important for marketing purposes where the image is used as a header or as cover art for an email campaign. You can also use them if you want to create a slideshow or ad that has high resolutions pictures.In order to generate a list of high resolution images, Google has launched a new project called Photospheres. This project allows you to find out which famous landmarks have the most detailed and beautiful photos taken from them.

Kortnie U. answered:

Google can provide high resolution images of any object searched. But sometimes people might not be aware of this feature and might want to know how to access this feature.In order to use this feature, you need to enter the search term in Google as image:* and it will list all the high resolution pictures that are available on Google Images.

Nidia M. answered:

It is possible to search for high resolution images on google but it takes a bit of time. The easiest way to find high-resolution pictures is by searching for them on google images.The first step in searching for high resolution images on google is typing the keywords high resolution into the search bar. This will bring up a number of results that show you the results of what image searches you can make with those keywords, which is an image with a higher resolution than what you commonly see in advertisements and other online content.You can also search for image directly on google’s image search system by typing in your keyword and choosing images. There are also other ways, such as doing an advanced Google Image Search, or using Google searches such as image: pictures of and