What does mba stand for in sports?

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Raina N. answered:

Sport is a very popular field of study. Therefore, there are many sports related courses available in universities and colleges.It is assumed that most students have already heard about the subjects such as: football, basketball, swimming etc. However, a lot of students do not know what exactly an M.B.A degree stands for or what it really entails when it comes to education and professional careers.The creator of this course wants to make sure that those students who have never heard about the subject get an introduction on this topic and learn how M.B.A stands for all that it means in terms of study, career options and qualifications required by employers for various jobs in the field of sports administration and management (e.g., marketing manager).

Anastasios Y. answered:

The term ‘MBA’ (Masters in Business Administration) stands for an academic degree that focuses on marketing or business. In a nutshell, the degree is focused on marketing strategy and operations. Most of the schools offer it as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

Amarily H. answered:

This is a sports business article. It attempts to get the readers interested in a sports topic without getting into too many details.The reply tries to keep the audience interested by making it seem as if they already know what mba stands for, when they don’t. It does this by using a simple example and briefly explaining what mba stands for before moving on to another topic.