What is admin.brightcove.com?

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Raynisha U. answered:

Brightcove is a YouTube Client. It provides automated uploading, scheduling of videos, public sharing and consumption.Brightcove is used by many companies in the video industry like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. They use Brightcove to upload videos for their social media channels and have a wide variety of other use cases with Brightcove videos.

Carlyle B. answered:

On the client side, admin.brightcove.com is a domain name which is used to sign in to Brightcove’s website. It is the URL of the sign in page for Brightcove’s website and it allows clients to log into their accounts during the process of viewing content on Brightcove site.BrightCove is an advertising network that uses video ads on websites and applications like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Advertisers can buy videos from YouTube or Facebook to run them in their videos in specific slots on these sites and apps. The vendors can use ad networks such as Brightcove or other ones like Google Display Network (Gdn) or Display Network Exchange (DNE).

Takenya U. answered:

Brightcove is a video streaming platform that provides high quality video content to millions of users around the world. The main feature of Brightcove is its collaboration features. Users are able to collaborate with their friends, family and colleagues to deliver a wide variety of content. They can create, upload and share any kind of media with other people via this platform.