Why did jerry zeifman fire hillary rodham?

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Ladon M. answered:

Hillary Clinton was one of the most popular politicians and political candidates in U.S. history. But her career came to an abrupt end when she was fired from her job as a new york senator for not being able to produce anything meaningful in the office.What made Hillary lose out on this prestigious job? We can assume that a lot of factors led to her firing, but one important factor is that she lacked the skillset needed for a congressional staffer – she did not have any practical skills such as knowing how to use Microsoft Word or Excel- and was mostly known for creative writing.

Zelene P. answered:

Hillary Clinton was fired from the Watergate investigation in 1974 when she was 17 years old. Jerry Zeifman, the assistant special prosecutor for Watergate, said that he was “disgusted” with Clinton and that she should not defend herself.The firing of Hillary Rodham from the Watergate investigation is a controversial topic. Some have said that it showed her lack of ethics, while others argue that it showed how young she was and how inexperienced she was.Hillary was fired after her first day on the job when she made a mistake in typing up some subpoenas for witnesses to appear before the Grand Jury.

Alechia Q. answered:

Jerry Zeifman is a former chief legal counsel for the House Judiciary Committee under Bill Clinton. He fired Hillary Clinton in 1998 because he believed she was not qualified to be a US Senator.Zeifman had some very strong opinions on why Hillary Clinton didn’t do her job well, and he’s not afraid to share them.The primary reason Jerry Zeifman fired Hillary is because she did not do her job well as a US Senator. He cites many examples of how she failed at being a politician in her position, such as forgetting to introduce herself to people or the number of times she showed up late for committee hearings.