Why did the boy wear glasses in math class?

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Yusef Q. answered:

Some kids in school may be wearing glasses to help them see better while they’re in class. This is usually the case for kids who are struggling with their eyesight because they have a learning disability that hinders their ability to see well.There are various reasons why kids might begin wearing glasses, including a need for better vision, an irregular refractive error, or the child’s mother or father has worn them since childhood.

Talayah V. answered:

There are a lot of different theories on why the boy wore glasses in math class. The most popular theory is that it’s an attempt to connect with other people in his world. The boy is saying, I see your similarities and I will also wear glasses like you.In the future, it’s possible that there may be more people wearing glasses as a fashion statement. It’s not clear if wearing glasses for this reason will be seen as a positive or negative thing in society.There are many different schools of thought on whether or not wearing glasses will go away or even disappear altogether in the future. Some believe that the progressive eyewear technology we have today is just too advanced to be worn by human beings and thus they would eventually stop being made because they don’t need to be made

Nathaiel H. answered:

The boy always wore his glasses to math class, which was strange. The teacher said that the boy’s eyesight was perfect and he just wanted to wear them all the time. However, as the lessons went on, it became more and more clear that the boy just wore his glasses in math class to make himself look smarter.In today‚Äôs society where people are always comparing themselves to others, wearing your glasses in a certain situation for a specific purpose is a common practice now. But this practice has been around for a long time.